In over fifteen years of activity we specialized in production of films, documentaries, TV, commercials, reportages, events and videoclips. M&N is a leading producer of high end sea and nautical video productions; with thousand of hours of in-sea filming, our team will always find the best way to achieve a project’s goal even in the harshest conditions

Editing, color correction, voice recording, subtitling, sound mixing and translation in four languages. With an experience of over 350 produced reportages we can take care of every step in the production of a content, from the idea to the broadcasting, with a finished piece that will surely catch the eye and tell every story in an amazing way.

In our team there is a professional photographer that will capture the situation with an artistic and precise point of view, according to the needs of the client. Whether is an event, a reportage, advertising or still life for a catalog, our eye will always be in focus.

Thanks to a 360 degrees knowledge of the nautical world, the M&N staff has all the necessary tools to design and create a sporting or cultural event that will satisfy even the most demanding client.